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The Silence

The Silence from Michelle Walsh on Vimeo.

Musical composition for dance piece The Silence.
An investigation into the people of the old asylums – the dancers become the ghosts of those forgotten and left in the dust of history. After the success of the production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, it has been turned into an abstract dance film that was screened for the first time at the Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London on the 9 December 2011 and also broadcast by Tendu TV.
Artistic Director – Adam Korwin-Sleprowonski.
Director of Photography – Michelle Walsh.
Choreography – Nikki Mcluskey.
Performed by Nikki Mcluskey, Natalie Reed, Charlie Ackermann and Emily Vessey.

Frequency Festival 2011

Frequency Festival Promo 2011 from Jayum MA on Vimeo.

Music track for Graham Cooper‘s promotional film for Lincoln’s 2011 Frequency Festival.
The name of the piece is White Noise In The Key Of F. I wanted to use white noise in the track as it contains the entire audible frequency range. However, the white noise didn’t make it to the final version. I also wanted to use analogue sounds that have obviously been manipulated digitally – the starting point for the piece was a recording of me pulling the jack plug out of my bass guitar hanging on the wall – a virtuoso performance 🙂
The piece also includes a sample from the Higgs Boson sound simulations.

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