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Music composition for Mikey Murray’s short film Natalie starring Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones/The Witch).


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Geom is a new sound wall commission by David McSherry for the exhibition, The Russell Chantry: Lothar Götz/ Duncan Grant at The Collection, Lincoln. In this piece, David uses sound to respond to the work of both Duncan Grant and Lothar Götz, creating an entirely new experience.

Sacred music is at the centre of this composition. David chose John Taverner’s ‘The Lamb’ as a starting point, in response to the imagery of the Good Shepherd in Duncan’s mural. Religious music also plays an important role in our experience of the original Russell Chantry mural, the sound of choirs and hymns permeate into the chapel space from the main cathedral. This work brings our attention to something we do not often consider when in an art gallery, the sounds around us and how these can affect our experience.

After deconstructing the harmonic aspects of ‘The Lamb’, David then uses simple triangle waveforms and a ‘geometric sequencer’ in order to create rhythmic patterns in the piece, in response to Lothar’s geometric shapes. Playing the work across the 22 audio channels of our permanent soundwall creates what David calls audible ‘sound shapes’. Here David pushes the boundaries between visual and audible art and experience.

Commissioned by The Collection with support from Arts Council England, 2016.

Words by Jenny Gleadell.

Frequency 2015

Music composition for Frequency 2015 trailer.

Visuals by Graham Cooper.

Lighting Up Lincolnshire

Music for University of Lincoln promotional film. June 2015.

Northamptonshire Libraries

Music composition for Northamptonshire Libraries’ Library Plus for 16-25s.
Video by Graham Cooper.

University of Lincoln Cinema Ad

Music and sound design for the 2014 University of Lincoln cinema advertisement campaign. Screened nationwide and online
Video by Graham Cooper.

Three Moments

Soundtrack contribution to Three Moments (2014) – a short film essay by Dr Rob Coley, Dr Dean Lockwood and Adam O’Meara from the University of Lincoln’s School of Media.


AIRMINDED from Ontofabulatory Research on Vimeo.

Soundtrack for the first audio-visual work by The Society for Ontofabulatory Research. “Airminded is an 18-minute essay film which counters the unchecked celebration of aviation heritage that is a defining part of the county of Lincolnshire.” Limits Of Seeing (2013).

Frequency Festival 2013

FREQUENCY 2013 – JOIN THE REVOLUTION from Frequency Festival on Vimeo.

Music track for Graham Cooper‘s promotional film for Lincoln’s 2013 Frequency Festival.

Frequency Festival 2011

Frequency Festival Promo 2011 from Jayum MA on Vimeo.

Music track for Graham Cooper‘s promotional film for Lincoln’s 2011 Frequency Festival.
The name of the piece is White Noise In The Key Of F. I wanted to use white noise in the track as it contains the entire audible frequency range. However, the white noise didn’t make it to the final version. I also wanted to use analogue sounds that have obviously been manipulated digitally – the starting point for the piece was a recording of me pulling the jack plug out of my bass guitar hanging on the wall – a virtuoso performance 🙂
The piece also includes a sample from the Higgs Boson sound simulations.

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